OnLine, Credit Pte Ltdis a self-governing, financial services company in Singapore that was established in the year 1998. The company has provided credit and financial services to various satisfied clients who need financial assistance.

On-Line, Credit Pte Ltd offers miscellaneous loans such as; cash advance, secured loans, entrepreneur loans, fast cash loans, personal loans, property bridging loans, debt consolidation loans, emergency loans, business financing loans, and lastly, business term loans.

Below is the explanation of each loan type that On-Line Credit Pte Ltd offers in Singapore.

1.     Secured Loans

Secured loans are the type of loans that are financed with the assets that you possess, for example, your private properties, mortgages, etc.

In Singapore, companies like OnLine Credit Pte Ltd offer secured loans to people. This is because their secured loans are perhaps the best choice for their loyal clients.

Unlike unsecured personal loans, secured loans are with no doubt one of the greatest ways to fund your financing desires at an economical rate.

2.     Entrepreneur Loans

An entrepreneur loan is a form of financial help for the owners of a business. It might be used to pay for numerous expenses, for instance, debts, capital, or to continue some of the operations that you might have.

If you are still new to the industry, business loans may somehow seem scary. However, what you do not know is that business loans can break or make your business projects. This is why it is very important to look for legal moneylenders such as the On-Line Credit Pte Ltd that will help and guide you financially.

3.     Fast Cash Loans

Fast cash loans also referred to as quick cash loans in Singapore, are short-term loans. Compared to other loans, a fast cash loan doesn’t give you a long time for payment. The usual period for payment is usually monthly

4.     Personal Loans

Personal loans are just like any other loans in Singapore, where you borrow a loan from an authorized moneylender, and finally, you pay it back over a decided repayment term.

In Singapore, a personal loan can be used to buy things, like gadgets, home furniture, house repairs, etc.

5.     Property Bridging loans

In Singapore, property bridging loans are important if you want to obtain a large amount of money to tide you over, while you are waiting for the earnings from the sale of the property that you have. Property bridging loans aim to help in circumstances where the prolonged wait for property sales earnings becomes a liquidity and cash-flow issue.

Those who might want the assistance of the property bridging loans include the following; landlords, auction attendees, property developers, asset borrowers, etc. Property bridging loans are precisely designed to assist these kinds of people to bridge and tide over even before the sales incomes are realized.

For instance, if you have found a house that you would like to own you will then be forced to sell your current house. In addition to that, you can decide to use On-Line Credit Pte Ltd property bridging loans to make that dream house purchase come true!

6.     Debt Consolidation Loans

If you have numerous loans and liabilities, they will most possibly have different payment deadlines, pay-off terms, and interest rates. Debt consolidation refers to get-together all of your debts and liabilities, combining all of them into one thing, and hence paying them off with the use of a new loan for a more reorganized debit payment method.

Furthermore, it’s important to have in mind that debt consolidation loans shall not wipe out all of your existing loan debt. What you are doing is that you are only transferring the loans that you have to one lender, to make the repayment process a little bit easier to handle.

7.     Emergency Loans

Getting that emergency loan will assist you to find the cash that you want right away. In case you don’t have friends or family members that can assist you, then emergency loans are your only option to get cash quickly.

At On-Line Credit, they understand the hardship of getting the money for certain necessities. This is why their loans have gained popularity in Singapore ever since it was established. This is because they truly do their level best to help their customers in their financial situations and needs.

8.     Business Financing loans

As an entrepreneur planning to either set up or expand a certain business but on the other hand, do not have the required capital to grow your business, the best thing to depend on is loans.

Business financing loans are taken by business owners and entrepreneurs to finance their businesses. These loans are intended to help potential entrepreneurs turn a business from its beginning stages to the growth stage.

9.     Business Term Loans

Starting or expanding the business that you have in Singapore requires brief planning and strategizing, and also the financial backing to see it through. In case you do not own such funds, applying for a business loan might make all the difference.


Applying for an emergency loan or any other type of loan in Singapore, might be frightening and intimidating for many people. On top of that, reading loan information and procedures can also be overwhelming.

Therefore, the initial step is finding a great authorized moneylender like Online Credit Company in Singapore. You should never deal with any illegal money lending company. This is because, apart from the hidden charges and unfair fees, they can turn out to be very fierce against defaulters.

In case you don’t have a genuine moneylender in your mind, then you might check out some of the great deals offered by OnLine Credit Pte Ltd. It is an authorized money lending company in Singapore that has a perfect record in providing better services for its customers who are applying for any of the loans types.