Q: I’m looking for a great and reliable Singapore licensed moneylender. Is On Line Credit Pte Ltd someone I can rely on?2020-09-15T19:24:08+08:00

A: Definitely. We have been one of the leading credit and financial services provider in Singapore since 1998. We aim to give a hassle- free experience to our customers and our passionate, helpful, and compassionate professionals will try to help you with all your financial needs. We are also licensed in Singapore so you don’t need to fear.

Q: What financial services do you offer?2020-09-15T19:24:15+08:00

A: We have a wide variety of services we can offer in case you need any financial assistance. We are a licensed moneylender offering the best in Singapore personal loan, business loan, foreigner loan, fast cash loans, and so much more.

Q: How can I avail of the loans you are offering?2021-12-20T12:06:33+08:00

A: Here at On Line Credit Pte. Ltd., we aim to provide you with various options to apply for your loan. We believe that you have enough problems to deal with and so we offer you several channels to make it easier for you. There are three ways you can apply for any type of loan.

  1. You can apply for a loan over the phone. Just simply call us at 6445 9166. Let our helpful professionals do what they can for you.
  2. We also have an online application form that you can simply fill out and submit. Just visit us at https://www.onlinecredit.com.sg and click the link for the appropriate loan type you need.
  3. If you want a more personalized service, just visit us at our office. We are located at Blk 210 New Upper Changi Road (Bedok Central) #01-731 Singapore 460210. Talk to one of our highly- trained professionals and we can help you get back on the road to financial freedom.
Q: Is the application process simple? I want to apply for personal loan but I’m a little hesitant about the hassle it may take.2020-09-15T19:24:28+08:00

A: Our application process is fairly simple and easy. We know that in some cases, you may need to avail of the cash quickly and so, we aim to provide you with an efficient application processing. Here are the quick and easy steps you will need to go through.

  1. You will be given an application form. Just simply fill it out.
  2. The form you’ve submitted will be verified.
  3. A list of required documents will be required of you. Just submit them and you’re already halfway done!
  4. Your loan application will be approved and signed upon submission and verification of the required documents.
  5. Once approved, you simply have to choose how you want it: cash or cheque.
Q: How long does the approval process take?2020-09-15T19:24:35+08:00

A: As long as you’ve filled out the form and submitted the required documents, approval can be on the spot, usually within the hour.

Q: The application form requires several sensitive pieces of information. Will it be safe?2020-09-15T19:24:46+08:00

A: Of course. These sensitive pieces of information are as precious to us as it is to you. We assure you that they are all processed with the highest security and confidentiality.

Q: How do I know if my loan application has been approved in-principle?2020-09-15T19:24:53+08:00

A: Once your application form and relevant documents have been screened and verified, we will contact you through SMS or call you back using the number you provided. We will then let you know what documents you need to bring along with you to our office.

Q: I’ve read something about unsecured personal loan. What is this?2020-09-15T19:25:06+08:00

A: Unsecured personal loans can be availed by individuals who do not have equity or securities to secure the loan. In the case of a secured personal loan, a collateral such as your private property will be required.

Q: Will I be charged for an early redemption or repayment of the loan?2020-09-15T19:25:14+08:00

A: There will be no charges for making an early repayment. This is actually ideal since this will also equate to saving on any potential late fees or interests. If you can pay earlier, then we encourage you to do so.

Q: I’m a foreigner living and working in Singapore. Will I still be able to avail of a loan?2020-09-15T19:25:23+08:00

A: Yes. Here at On Line Credit Pte. Ltd., we offer foreigner loans, perfect for those who are non-Singapore citizens or PRs. You will be required to submit several documents to support and prove that your income will be sufficient to pay off the loan. Call us at 6445 9166 to understand what other documents you will require to apply for a foreigner loan.

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