Secured loans are loans that are backed up with your own assets such as your mortgages, private properties, etc. Our secured loans are probably always the best choice for our loyal clients because it is definitely a great way to maintain your credit score, while securing that much-needed money / credit. Also, borrowing larger amounts are now within reach for you. Secured loans are definitely one of the best ways to fund your financing needs at a cheaper rate versus unsecured personal loans.

Why you should consider secured loans with us

1. Lower interest rate

With our secured loans, we have made it even easier for you to settle your credit / money needs with us. Our unsecured loans’ interest rates are already reasonable, and with our secured loans, you can definitely get the best rates you need here in Singapore.

2. Easier repayment plan

This is one of the reasons why people prefer our secured loans. We have the easiest and most flexible repayment plans here in Singapore. Here at On Line Credit Pte. Ltd., we talk to you personally and together, we will figure out the best repayment plan for your convenience. We can extend what needs to be extended to really help you in fulfilling your financial needs.

3. Longer borrowing period

Our secured loans let you have longer borrowing period than most financial institutions out there.

Your assets show us your credibility to pay us back no matter the circumstance and in return, we can give you a longer borrowing period for your secured loans with us.

Secured loans Singapore are very popular because the cost of mortgages, cars, houses, and other investment properties here are really expensive. That is why we have made our secure loans fairly easy for you, as all we really want is to guide and help you with your financial planning and needs.

At On Line Credit, we understand the difficulty of finding funds for certain and important life necessities. That is why our loans have been creating a buzz in Singapore ever since, because we truly do our best to help our customers in their financial situations and needs. So call us now and let us help and guide you financially!