When you go to a mall, you will find a lot of shops and ads that will urge you to buy. While you are walking in the streets, you see a beautiful car and have that sudden feeling to own it. Even by just standing around, you will notice the high-tech gadgets of others that will make you feel like going to a gizmo shop. To be able to do these things, you need money, but often times, you don’t have the money on hand to purchase the things you need or want. During this time, what you need will be a personal loan.

Secured Loans vs. Unsecured Loans

Before getting a Singapore personal loan, you must first understand how it works. Personal loans are unsecured. Meaning, you don’t have to put any of your precious assets as collateral to secure your loan. The lender does not have the right to liquidate your property/security as payment for the loan. But since there is no collateral, the interest for this kind of loans tends to be higher. If you plan on putting your assets as collateral when you get a loan, then you are getting a secured loan. While you are putting your private assets at risk, the benefit of getting a secured loan is you get a lot more money for a lower interest rate and for a longer period of time.

Where to get personal loans?

There are a lot of banks you can go to get a personal loan in Singapore. However, getting this loan takes time because of the required paperwork, documentation process and lengthy bank credit checks. On Line Credit Pte Ltd offers you an easy and fast process of getting personal loan. Our company strives to be efficient and hassle-free to facilitate our customers’ needs. We offer accessible and affordable credit facilities and packages. This means that not only is the loan process hassle-free and convenient – our loans are easy to repay as well!

Add to that the passion we put in our business: our packages are made to be flexible and customisable to help you repay your loan on time. So if you need the funds and money fast, On Line Credit Pte Ltd is one call away to help you.

Call us at 6445 9166 or fill out our application form online to get a Singapore personal loan. Within just hours, we can let you know your status and make your loan readily available after you sign the loan contract in our office.