Do you need money quickly but don’t know where to get it? We’ve all been there. Don’t beat yourself up, especially if you’re from Singapore. Singapore has legit money lending schemes that will interest you with their amazing offers and services.

One company goes by the name OnLine credit ltd in particular deals with such and can’t wait to serve you. The licensed company has evolved since its establishment offering a diverse range of money loans such as cash advance, fast cash, personal loans, secured loansemergency loans, bridging loans, and debt consolidation loans.

The goal is to identify their clients’ needs and provide satisfactory financial solutions. That is why Online credit ltd has many returning clients reviewing it as is transparent, secure, and fast. Besides, its customer support is wonderful.

Check out some loans in Singapore

1.     Emergency Loans.

When the dreadful episode of grief hits you suddenly, or when a loved one is hospitalized, you realize there are a lot of urgent bills to sort. Or your personal computer fails you last minute when you have a whole pile of paperwork with deadlines. This is where an emergency loan comes in handy.

An emergency loan in Singapore is so helpful in times like these. Visit online credit offices and inquire about the same.

2.     Business Loans

Singapore is one of the 10 most popular nations in the world for emerging start-ups. There’s no greater motivation to move your company to this location. Initiating or developing a business, like any other endeavor, takes forethought and financial backing. Insuring a business loan will make a massive difference if you don’t have the finances.

You can use the loan to secure a place for your business, market, buy inventory and sort out some expenses.

3.     Secured Loans 

Secured loans are those guaranteed by your very own assets, such as your home, private property, and so on. Loyal customers at On-line Credit Company are assured of secured loans, as they are almost always the best option. The assets are for credibility considering the high cost of living in Singapore. This is a fantastic approach to keeping your credit score intact while still getting much-needed cash or credit.

You should get a secured loan from the company because:

  • The borrowing period is long—to allow you time to repay
  • The company has an easier repayment plan
  • Their interests are low

4.     Property Bridging Loans

Property bridging loans aim to help you when you are waiting to get some property payment. The scenario might be that you have sold some property but the money hasn’t been processed yet, but you want to buy some new property. This is when you can opt for property bridging loans.

So why choose property bridging loans?

  • It has quick transactions
  • Helps you invest in a property of your choice

5.     Fast Cash Loans

Fast Money Loans are the most convenient option to receive the money you need quickly, frequently on the same day. A fast cash loan, unlike other types of loans, does not need you to return the amount over a long period. Borrowers’ repayment is usually done every month.

You will never be certain when next you need to raise money fast. You could be a tourist perhaps and see a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore a place, but you don’t have enough cash. Or, you’re in town window-shopping and notice the best dress to gift your mom on her 47th birthday next week. You would miss these chances if Singapore didn’t offer a fast cash loan. Lucky for you, Online credit ltd has you covered.

Call them right now to see how you may get a quick cash loan in Singapore.

6.     Cash Advance

Instead of stressing if you unexpectedly run out of money, try getting a cash advance from a registered money lending firm in Singapore. Most of them merely demand a basic credit check, and they send the money within 24 hours or less.

This is a great alternative for folks in a need, but there are a few things to think about before receiving a cash advance from a registered Singapore moneylender.

First, confirm if you will be required to make a full payment. Unlike fast cash loans that give long borrowing periods, cash advances are different.

Inquire about the Interests rate. Some are favorable as long as you repay in time.

7.     Debt Consolidation Loans

The mean spending per capita in Singapore is S$55,112. Some people are filing for bankruptcy, while others are defaulting on their debts. Such liabilities will affect your credit rating.

If you’re having trouble making ends meet, consider taking a debt consolidation loan. This is better than declaring bankruptcy.

In case you’re wondering, debt consolidation is the act of consolidating all of your obligations and responsibilities, merging them into one, and paying them off with a single loan for a more simplified debt repayment procedure.

Debt consolidation loans can either be secured or unsecured. Before applying for one, you’ll need:

  • Utility bills and cost of living
  • Employment details
  • List all your debts, including the terms
  • The present history of your credit information


Singapore is an evolving country and sometimes people need cash to maintain or upgrade their lifestyles because of their economic status. Since the cash they need money is never enough, money borrowing becomes the new normal.

There are so many moneylenders in Singapore willing to loan people money. However, not all of them are licensed. For this reason, we present a 24 hour registered and legit moneylender to you. The company is called Online credit and strives to solve all its clients’ money problems.

There are several kinds of loans the company offers, as long as you present the required documents.

For more inquiries, you can visit their offices or call them via 6445 9166.