When faced with financial constraints, the solution is to go out and look for an answer. Getting financial assistance to sort out the emergency is paramount in this case. One of the ways that Singaporeans sort their financial and unexpected happenings is by accessing funds using a Quick Cash Loan. It is a short term loan given to manage your financial challenges, and they are payable during the next time your salary is paid. The main aim of a quick cash loan is to assist in paying the emergencies that may occur in the course of the month.

Financial emergencies can happen at any time and more so when least expected. It’s also true that these unforeseen emergencies are challenging and can drain you financially, mentally, and physically. While accessing credit card loans can still be a solution, getting a Quick Cash Loan at On Line Credit is more affordable when looking for a way to solve your emergency expenses, therefore, if you are faced with such an emergency, there is no need to worry. At On Line Credit, we will sort you at this time of need. We are a licensed Moneylender regulated by the Ministry of Law in Singapore, and our operations have been active for decades. You do not have to worry about your credit scores since we look at other qualifications that will enable you to get the loan. Our customer service staff will guide you through the entire process till your loan is approved. On Line Credit is a reputable licensed moneylender, and we are here to support you by offering possible financial solutions.

Steps You Can Use to Get a Quick Cash Loan.

There are 4 steps as outlined here below:

  1. The first step is to contact us by calling or visiting our website for an online application.
  2. Visit Our Office – If you want to make a physical application, you can visit our office to create an appropriate repayment plan.
  • Sign Off the Offer Letter – Once in agreement with all the charges, interest, and repayment plan, we request you to sign an offer letter to aid in processing the funds.
  1. Loan Disbursement – After signing the contract letter, funds will be immediately credited into your account, or provided in cash and you can start using it.

Eligibility requirements for Quick Cash Loans in Singapore Whether you are a resident or a foreigner in Singapore, you will still have access to getting a Quick Cash Loan. But each of these has its eligibility criteria.

Permanent Residents Requirements:

  • Identification Card
  • Proof of residence- This can be a utility bill or a tenancy agreement.
  • Proof of employment which can be 3 recent monthly payslips or a letter of employment
  • Singpass

Foreigners Requirements:

  • Passport
  • Work Permit
  • Proof of residence can be a utility bill or a tenancy agreement.
  • Proof of employment – Provide 3 months payslips and a certificate of employment. With monthly income proof
  • A bank statement for proof of income
  • Singpass

Benefits of taking a Quick Cash Loan from a Reputable Licenced Moneylender in Singapore.

It can significantly help when accessing them from licensed moneylender. You can count on it due to the advantages listed below

  • Easy Application – It is easy to access. You only need to fill up the application form, and our professional loan officers will invite you down for a loan application.
  • Flexible – Because you have a reason for borrowing this money, it is flexible in the sense that you can apply for any reason ranging from medical, renovation, travel, and any other reason that may come up from the licensed moneylender.

They also have flexible repayment terms whereby you can pay back 30 days.

  • Credit Rating Does not have to Be Good – in case of an emergency loan, even with a bad credit rating, you still stand a chance to access the loan to meet your unexpected financial constraints.
  • Quick Approval Process – If you compare the approval process from the bank, getting a quick cash loan from a licensed moneylender is quick. Once you submit the loan application, approval is done in minutes.
  • Transparency Process – At On Line credit, we do not have any hidden fees, and any lending process follows the stipulated process per the given mandate.

Sometimes, you may feel uncomfortable trying to get loans from friends and families to meet your dire financial constraints. You should feel safe borrowing this loan with On Line Credit pte ltd, as your reliable financial partner, who will offer convenient and consistent loans for you. And since you cannot predict when misfortune will hit you, quick cash loans can be an effective safety net when you use licensed moneylenders. All your sudden financial needs will be taken care of immediately, but to avoid further penalties, once you receive the loan, avoid late repayments. Quick cash loans are among the fastest loans you can receive from moneylenders if you make your repayments on time. You also need to ensure that the licensed moneylender you are borrowing from is a licensed moneylender under the Ministry of Law by visiting the full list here. If you choose to work with us, you will enjoy fast approvals within an hour and pay off your bills just in time.