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Foreigner Loans Singapore

It is without doubt that Singapore is one of the most visited countries in the world. During the World Travel Awards in 2012, Singapore won awards for having some of Asia’s top city attractions and for having the best meetings and conference facilities. Great food for every budget, lively lifestyle, home of diverse culture, and pleasant environment are just some of the reasons why foreigners visit Singapore. It is for the same reason why some foreigners choose to reside and work here.

If you are foreigner working in Singapore, there will be a time where you will need extra money. The reason may be because you want to own a car for easier travel, rent a condo closer to work for convenience, or invest in gadgets to help you in your work. Whatever reason it is, it is now possible because you can apply for foreigner loans in Singapore.

Foreigner Loan in Singapore

You can avail yourself of a Foreigner Loan in Singapore to help you for your financial needs.

The steps in getting this loan are simple. First, you will have to complete an application form and produce documents to prove that your salary is sufficient to ensure the repayment of the loan. The tenancy documents for the building, condo or apartment that you are staying in will also be required to prove that you are residing in the country.

Remember that in getting this type of loan, repayments must be done on time. You do not want to pay additional fees for simple avoidable reasons like tardiness.

Where to get Foreigner Loans Singapore?

You can get foreigner loans from Singapore licensed moneylenders and other financial institutions. But if you want to get an affordable and hassle-free foreigner loan, On Line Credit Pte Ltd is your best choice.

On Line Credit offers an affordable interest rate for foreigner loans. Our foreigner loan packages are customisable to fit your needs or preference. You will surely prefer to avail our foreigner loan packages and take advantage of our simple and convenient process.

All you have to do is fill an application form, call our hotline, or visit our office for inquiries. Within just hours, your application can be approved, as long as you have fulfilled all the necessary steps and documentary requirements.

Before applying, take note of the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 21 years old,
  • You must be a full time employee, and
  • You must have a valid Singapore employment pass /  work permit.